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How Social Media Propelled A Historic Movement
and The Law Responded

48 Authors from 28 Countries Tell The Global Story


The Global
#MeToo Movement

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Our Story

When US activists started using the #MeToo hashtag (as created by Tarana Burke) to speak out against sexual harassment, they joined, and then helped propel, a global movement.


On every continent, women are using the new tools of social media to confront one of the oldest barriers to equality: the threat of violence, including sexual harassment, as a tool of male supremacy. In The Global #MeToo Movement, produced by the Berkeley Center on Comparative Equality & Anti-Discrimination Law, 48 authors from 28 countries spanning every continent but Antarctica tell the story of how social media has driven a social movement against sexual harassment, and how the law has responded, often by helping men to push back.


Twenty-two of the 48 authors are women of color, and many are part of a new generation of young women bringing new insights to the fight against discrimination and harassment. The authors also include leading university professors, NGO activists, and government officials, including a justice of the Israeli Supreme Court and a member of the Irish Senate. Chapter one is by the acclaimed feminist legal scholar Catharine MacKinnon. 

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Panel Discussion

The book was recently featured at a global conference on sexual harassment, which included a panel discussion by several of the authors on the reach of the #MeToo movement.
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